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The Medical Emoji Campaign: 2022

The Medical Emoji team is putting together a national campaign to make sure ALL the medical emoji are properly represented. Follow the list below to participate!

The Campaign

The Medical Emoji Campaign is a national competition to advocate for specific Emoji. For the 2022 year the 10 Emoji below are our advocacy priorities

There are  3 goals of our 2022 campaign

  • Unicode consortium is a standards setting organization and responds to society consensus. We seek to get societies for each respective Emoji to support their Emoji. Formal letters of support will be used and referenced in the next submission to Unicode when Emoji requests open again.
  • Online engagement is often referenced in submissions and a critical factor for “Expected usage level“. We hope to reference online requests for the use of the medical emoji
  • We seek to create a national petition/letter of support from federal health and medical entities (NIH, CMS, etc) that can write to Unicode Consortium stating the 10 emoji in our priority list should be included in the next iteration of Unicode.

1. Pick an Organ

Think about if you’d be interested serving as your organ’s Team Captain. Each Team Captain is responsible for the dissemination of the organ on social media and asking their respective organizations to put out letters of support for their organs.

2. Share on Social Media

Spread the message far and wide. See our social media toolkit and tweet us today @medicalemoji!

3. Sign the National Letter

Sign the petition